Model Behavior: Tara Lynn for H&M’s BiB collection

Now… My heart aches over this collection available online (only in the UK site- not in the US!) because Tara Lynn working it for the BiB (Big is Beautiful) collection H&M is killing me softly! BUT, if you are a fabulous UK dweller, then this is for you!

Honestly I thought this line was dead and gone… how wrong I was! LOL

Why do I share then?

Because Tara Lynn is gorge, working it in the catalog! And I had to share!

Tara Lynn for H&M BiB Collection

Dying to get your hands on this collection? Visit the UK H&M BiB Collection NOW!

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  • nettaP

    just wanted to let you know this post was featured in the plus size round up this week :)

  • BigGirlBlue

    She’s so hot. Love everything especially that ruffled shoulder top.

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  • Chelseacj

    Marie, loving me some tara right now! This chick makes clothes look so awesome! Man, she’ll make ya buy errything! lol….I don’t care if they are in London, buddy once they are online I’ll get it somehow!

    Thanks for the post! You are the BOMB girl!

  • Marie Denee

    Your words are too kind!!! I love her too and the collection, and like you, I would find a way to get the merch too! lol

  • Marie Denee

    I love the sheer zebra top! That one is calling my name! LOL

  • Marie Denee

    Thank you darlin! You absolutely rock! :)

  • Jamnjilly1953

    Marie, just wondering if and when FFF week(end) is coming to Toronto…I need to be there!!!

  • Gaelle_8t8

    I just signed up tp your newsletter and I am so glad I did. in the U.K. there is a shortage of recognition for the curvy woman.

  • enrolled agent cpe

    I am hoping that they will release it in the US too. Either way I’m going to find a way on how I can get my hands on these wonderful outfits.

  • Marie Denee

    The most current @fffweek dates are scheduled for New York! You should try to get there! :) Would love to meet you!

  • Marie Denee

    Welcome!!! In the UK you have a few great options NO? Asos, Evans, Simply Be, Simply Yours, Depending on your size some main lines like Dorothy Perkins and a few others… You can find them! :) Make sure you check out the blogroll for quite a few UK bloggers! :)

  • Marie Denee

    I may have to get quite creative on that one… you got any virtual online friends in the UK? lol

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  • Annettegallagher

    No idea if this line will be included, but H&M is opening on South Beach in the next several months.

  • Cbmjz

    she is HOT!

    • Marie Denee

      Isn’t She?

  • Irina

    there is nothing posted on H&M UK site at BiB line collection :(…can you give me the link?