Let the New Year’s Resolutions begin!

We are good for creating lists upon lists for sometimes reachable and oftentimes unattainable (at least for me) goals for ourselves at the beginning of each year…

We call these RESOLUTIONS!

new years resolutionsDid you know though, that creating resolutions are GOOD for us? According to Pro Active Change, research shows that making resolutions is useful and those who explicitly make resolutions are 10x more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions!

So why do I share?

Thinking about The Curvy Fashionista and resolutions for myself and my blog, I started thinking about what resolutions I wanted to make for myself and the ones you have made for yourself! I mean, since our resolutions are 46% likely to last after 6 months, so who knows! I can shoot for the moon and if I miss any of my resolutions, I will be amongst the stars!

So, with an optimistic outlook and my thoughts running through my head, I share with YOU some of my Fashion Resolutions for me AND The Curvy Fashionista!

In Fashion

  • Wear more High Heels- I LOVE me some great chic flats! I need to amp up the oh la la factor!
  • Wear more separates (Skirts, shorts, blouses) I am a sucker for dresses; I need to broaden my horizons! LoL
  • Step up my accessories game… While I spend time oogling the baubles, I am quite gun shy about making purchases… lol
  • Buy more color… having to wear black for soo many years, I find myself stepping into a comfort zone- although I LOVE and ADORE Bold colors- I need to buy more of these
  • Get pretty new hangers for my closet, I gotta respect the clothes!

New Years ResolutionsOn The Curvy Fashionista

  • Do more video posts! I have recently started and I got my new Bloggie, so…. Stay Tuned!
  • Make up, make up, and more make up! More review, how to’s and guest beauty bloggers about the things we love most!
  • Make sure I reply to each and EVERY one of your comments! I have gotten better and I am doing my best to continue to answer them!
  • More giveaways!!! We wrapped up last month with a jam packed run of giveaways each week! New designers, retailers, jewels, shoes, and sooo much more! I see you liked them, so I will keep them coming!

Me, Myself, and I

  • Get out more. I spend too much time online at times! I need to get out more and do more social media cleanse at times! I did this on Saturday and it was lovely!
  • Take a vacation or two or three… all work and no play makes Marie stressed out in a not so nice way!
  • Eat more fruit… and maybe more salads- My mom and her salads traumatized me… LOL…
  • Ask for help when I need it! Sometimes I think I am superwoman until I am stretched too thin! Lol… I need to work on that! I love helping then I find myself forgetting, dropping the ball… and that CANNOT happen in 2011!
  • Stop being afraid and step out on faith! I need to embrace and walk the path set for me!

Okay… so now that I have started my own lists for my New Year’s Resolution it’s your turn!

What is your TOP New Year’s Resolution in Fashion or Personal?

In six months, we will check back in to see where you are and where I am with these resolutions!

This way you can hold me accountable and I can do the same to you!


Leave a comment below with your top 2011 Resolution!

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I am the owner of the Curvy Fashionista, sharing the latest trends and designers in plus size fashion, beauty, and accessories to keep you Curvy.Confident.Chic.! I am goofy, silly, playful, and a handful... but it is all in the name of fashion!
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  1. Jules Big Girl Bombshell says

    I used a word to sum it up for me SPARKLE… I intend to have faith in myself, be a fashionista in training (yes, makeup and accessories) live vibrant and with vitality and SHOW UP every day in caring for myself..

  2. says

    I’m with you on wearing more high heels as since moving to the Bay Area, CA I spend most of my time in flats for comfort. When I lived in London I LIVED in super high heels, need to take them out of their boxes!!
    And pretty hangers – YES, I’m thinking pinks, reds, and yellows…
    So for myself I am awful at keeping resolutions so am taking advice from my twitter friend @skinnyjeans and making a New Year Theme, mine is too start eating more vegan foods and of course be more fabulous! :-)

  3. says

    I went easy on myself this year & have only one resolution, to use the platform that I have been blessed to build to give back to my community. But after reading yours to wear more high heels I think I may borrow that one. I may also wear more dresses, I am the queen of pants. Not letting go my black though. That’s been my fav colour for a long long time. It’s so chic.


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