The Style 369 Giveaway- Celebrating Two Years

Every girl loves a great jacket AND a great pair of boots YES? Well, what if you had the chance to win BOTH from the sister brand to EVANS, Style 369!?!


I told you that this month you would get to partake in the festivities with me and my blog! I received the Mink Waterfall Jacket and the suede OTK (Over the Knee) Boots and I jadore!

The Style 369 Giveaway- Mink Waterfall Jacket

I apologize for not having pictures of myself in these babies, but I can tell you about my experiences! The rain and leaving my camera at my sister’s has prevented me from snapping away, but let me show you and tell you how fun and happy I am about these that YOU get to score!

The Style 369 Giveaway- OTK Boots

The (faux) Mink Waterfall Jacket- this hands down is my new go to chic jacket! The arms fit perfectly, the feel is tre luxe and the cut is classic to last me seasons beyond seasons!

The OTK Boots! If you are a big calved diva yearning for OTK boots for your stylish haunts, then these are a great place to begin! With the lace up in the back WITH a buckle to hold you in, you are in for a treat! In black, these puppies will be new staples to your shoe game!


You get the chance to win them BOTH!

That’s right!

Here are the rules to:

Score a Style 369 Mink Waterfall Jacket AND Suede OTK BOOTS!

Entries close on Sunday at midnight (PST)! Make sure you leave a comment!!!

Winner will be chosen via!

Good Luck to you and make sure to enter the Damn You Alexis Giveaway too! There is still time!

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  1. says

    yay!!! The first to enter and hopefully the one to win this awesome coat and boots! I have large calves & big feet (10W/11M), plus I need an awesome coat in my life!

    Please –> pick me

  2. Trezlen says

    um, well! I so would wear both to work. I just moved to NYC and I kinda feel like someone’s country cousin. Fitted black pants, tucked in to the suede OTK boots. Black ruffled shirt, tucked in, buttoned halfway up with an aquamarine cami underneath. All topped off with the Mink Waterfall jacket!

  3. says

    Talk about the perfect outfit for going to the ranch for the weekend. i live near a ranch in texas and i love going there from time to time and I like to do my version of cowgirl chic. both items could work for doing activies outside (like horseback riding) or for going out for bbq and out to the bars and even out dancing with the cowboy. the boots would look great with jeans tucked in or with a cute sweater dress and tights. we have beautiful fall and winter weather this year so it would be great to have these be apart of your wardrobe.

    I follow Style 369 on twitter(@LeahChristlanda) and i follow you on both facebook(Leah Pruitt) and twitter( @LeahChristlanda).
    Leah Pruitt

  4. Heather says

    OOOOH! I have the perfect short dress to wear with these fantastic boots and jacket! Some textured tights and fun, funky earrings and I’d be STYLIN’! Pick ME! I love that the boots are flats, too!

  5. Stiletto Siren says

    Ooohhhh GIIIRRRRRLLL this is so the giveaway I have been waiting for. It is my turn to win this one! I am so all about that jacket and those boots are to die for! I would work them with some skinny jeans and a punchy sweater to bring out a bit of color with all the suedey fabulosity!
    Following everyone I’m supposed!
    This one is mind (positive thinking created positive results lol)

  6. KIMBERLY says

    That combo definitely calls for some dark skinny jeans! I would put a luxurious plain white tee under the jacket (long sleeve for these cold New England winters) and use that outfit as my base for adding amazing accessories. Big, long chunky metallic layered necklaces, simple yet slightly funky earrings and I have the perfect set of bangle bracelets that would be perfect- skinny metal bangles in tarnished looking shades of gold, enamel covered dark brown, tan and white! Just picked up a beautiful faux leather bag from Aldo that is a beautiful light brown/taupe that I think would compliment the coat perfectly. Top it off with a funky scarf for running around outside and it’s a really chic, stylish outfit! I love the idea of sexy, flat boots! Great for running around NYC which I do quite often! Wow- I’m in love with the idea of this outfit!!

  7. Sherril Metal says

    Since I am an editor in chief and in the music biz here in Texas, and a size 22/24, I need to stay fashionable and always make a statement. I would love love love to rock this jacket and boots with a strategically ripped up taupe raw silk blouse and some crazy acid washed jeans at one of my magazine’s events!! The paparazzi would go nuts! Much love for what you do! @ChiefEditor4SAU

  8. says

    I so love that jacket and boots. I would wear the jacketover a floral print dress and the boots with black tights. As for accessories I think a pair of gold earrings would pop agains the taupe color of the jacket and a pair of leather gloves would complete the look.

  9. says

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! One word: GORGEOUS!! I was like NO WAY!!! =)
    Ok, now that I’ve settled down a bit…. =)
    How COULDN’T you work these two items.. I’m IN LOVE with the jacket!!! And WOWZA on the boots!!! I think they would look cute with either leggings or skinny jeans….

  10. says

    I would totally work these two pieces! I would pair them with a simple pair of flappy pocket jeans and clean white shirt. Tons of jewels around my neck and a smile on my face!!!
    LOVE THEM!!!!!

    kebarkema at msn dot com

  11. Jerseygirl137 says

    OMG, I just love this. I would wear it with a cute pair of black slacks or black jeans and a nice sweater.
    It would be the cats butt! LOL!


  12. says

    This coat is YUMMY! I would rock it with a black stretch tunic, either turtleneck, cowl neck or v-neck. With the v-neck tunic, i would accessorize with a cute brown scarf, the same color as the coat, mixed with some black and blue. Add some nice black or dark denim jeggings to pull those SAUCY boots over…DEEEEVA!

  13. says

    I follow you & Style 369 on Twitter, and I follow you on Facebook!

    ignoramoose at gmail dot com

    I would love these with some dark blue skinny jeans and a deep v-neck camel colored sweater with some cute jewelry!

  14. Anonymous says

    Ooo perfect winter outfit – skinny jeans, a ruffley button down shirt with the boots and jacket – I MUST win this giveaway!!

  15. says

    I’m following Style 369 on Twitter and I’m following you on Twitter and Facebook!

    When I saw the boots at least three dresses and tunics/leggings popped into mind that I would wear with them. While I love the jacket it is an unusual piece but my first thought is super worn jeans and motorcycle boots.

  16. says

    Following both! I think I would wear the boots with a skirt, maybe denim & tights. Then add a flowy top either floral print or stripes with the jacket. I envision a boho chic look with these items! Congrats once again on your 2yrs! Mine comig up soon too! Yay!

  17. Bunnyb says

    I’d wear something very simple underneath like a pair of skinny jeans and white shirt. I would let the coat and boots shine :) Thanks!
    I Follow and like on twitter and FB
    Twitter: bunnyb
    FB: Bunnyb Baxter

  18. Chelseacj says

    OMG this is to die for! I’m classic kind of gal, so I’d rock this ensemble with a white color shirt with some banging skinny leg jeans, and a rocking of the hook red handbag as an accessory!

  19. Jules says

    I would use these as my launching point for 2011 makeover to be a fashionista in training. I would wear a knee length skirt.

  20. says

    HELLO! — cowboy of the dystopian future look! Black jeggings, beige-y button up top (buttoned up all the way up of course), long thin gold necklaces, stacked rings, and a black felted hat.


  21. says

    following Style 369 on Twitter and following you on Twitter and Facebook :)

    I’d go for jeans, a neutral colored V-neck sweater, long necklaces, blue scarf, black gloves and hat for this terrible Ontario winter!


  22. Allie says

    Love this giveaway :) I would have to wear a white top with a mini skirt, sheer tights and the boots, or with skinny jeans, a white top and the jacket with loads of jewelry!

  23. Piper says

    What size are you? You say that the jacket feels true to size but what size is the jacket? What if the winner tries on the jacket and it doesn’t fit. Even with plus-size fashion, we have to be careful!

  24. says

    Hi Piper!

    I am a size US 16/18 and the jacket I got, I followed the conversion charts to pick out my size!

    The arms, across the chest, and across the back fit how I have always sized my clothes :)

    For the winner, they will choose their size and if there is a problem with the sizing, then Style 369 will take care of you! :)

    Does this help?

  25. Kfloveinme says

    WOWZA!!! Now those are HOT pieces that needs to be in my wardrobe for 2011! First off I looooove the boots especially after you said “big calved diva”! I always have problems finding knee high boots so those would come in handy. And that coat!! OMG! Can we all say FABULOUS!!

    I would work these two with leggings, skinny jeans, mini-skirts, cute tops & a nice ruffle scarf. And if I’m lucky enough to win I would definitely wear the coat over a pretty sassy dress for my birthday in Feb!

    I follow you on facebook(Kenya Guich..) & twitter (mskenyaf) & I follow style 369 on twitter too!

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway & Make it Happen for 2011 Everyone!! Whoohoo!

  26. Anonymous says

    •Make sure you follow Style 369 on Twitter! – check
    •Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook! – check
    •Leave a comment below sharing with me how you would WORK these two!! – dark leggings, white tank top, chunky necklace and my fav red handbag!

  27. Chichijunk says

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! This Coat is FABULOUS!!! The Boots are AWESOME!!!!
    If I won this – I’d walk around NAKED underneath it all for a few days and RELISH the feeling and GLOAT about it!!! … and then I’d be rocking it in public with my skinny jeans and my great turtleneck sweater my honey got me for Christmas! PLEASE PICK MEEEEEE!!!!! I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!! (and I live where it’s really cold – I need this jacket and boots just to stay warm!!!

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  28. says

    Wow these are amazing, i would work them together with a statement but classy dress and some leggings to show the glory of those long boots.
    But that coat would draw all its own attention its amazing!

  29. Nicole says

    I just found your blog- and in the nick of time to enter! LOL

    I ADORE this jacket- I received a gorgeous pair of Bearpaw boots that are almost the same color, so with some black jeans, rockin!

    I have searched in vain for OTK boots that fit, so I would adore to win these- I have the perfect dress to where them with!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Melissa J. says

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I am following Style 369 on Twitter and following you on Twitter and Facebook. The coat is fabulous and the boots are fierce. In my opinion the over-the-knee boot is a definitely a wonderful statement piece. It says fearless fashionista. I’d pair both with a 40’s style printed dress that came about an inch to two inches above the boots with black opaque tights. The print would contain neutral colors, brown (similar to the color mink, the coat’s color), ivory, and black. I would also tie the ensemble together with the following black accessories: pashmina, gloves, earrings, bracelets, and a black belt. I would wear the front half of my hair up with the back down and flowing. My makeup would be soft and natural but noticeable. My ensemble screams style and sophistication, which are both synonymous with the Curvy Fashionista and Style 369! : )

  31. says

    i know the giveaway is closed… but i am too excited about this one! i love both pieces! I am praying that i am the one chosen by

  32. says

    OMG! I LOVE this jacket!! And the boots? AWESOME! I would wear both with a pair of denim jeggins, and a turtleneck. This is definitely an ensemble I would wear in a photoshoot, to a party, date night, shopping…the possibilities are ENDLESS! My 30th birthday is on January 31st! Winning these items would be a GREAT birthday present:-)!!

  33. Sha_right says

    The possibilities are unless with both items. I would wear the otk boots with some skinny jeans & a cute top.

  34. Anonymous says

    I would add some skinny jeans with a red purse and cute white blouse and chunky necklace I follow both on twitter @intime111 and fb jentwark gersch

  35. mell says

    Great find! I would wear this with a miniskirt and tights, and chunky accessories in mink and black to bring the pieces together.

    I follow you on facebook (mell morgan) and twitter (mm1411), and I follow style 369 on twitter.

  36. Reeva says

    oh yea! nice! I’d love to wear these two on a date night with my husband. I’d pair it with skinny jeans a tank and loads of jewelry for some flash! I follow on fb and twitter @cabbie413


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