The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers of 2010

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Saks in the CityEvery girl loves a great OOTD (Outfit of the Day ) post! I know I do (although I have just begun doing them myself!)! Whether you love looking at them or creating a look or two to share, I have thought it apt to share with you some of my favorite plus size fashion bloggers style to share and celebrate with you!

Now, these are MY favorites, those who inspire me, cause me to double take, or make me smile because of their confidence, individuality, artistic direction, or fashion perspective- all each their own, definitive, and distinct! So, in NO particular order:

The 10 Best Dressed

Plus Size Fashion Bloggers of 2010

(My humble opinion)

Jay from Fatshionable- such a classy lady

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Fatshionable

Christina from Musings of a Fatshionista- pushes the envelope beautifully

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Musings of a fatshionista

Sam from Stiletto Siren- gives sass with a playful streak

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Stiletto Siren

Tiffany from Fatshopaholic- dresses to the beat of her own fashion drum and pulls it off effortlessly

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Fatshopaholic

Stephanie from le blog de BigBeauty- Chic in every word

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- le blog de big beauty

Alissa from Stylish Curves- Fashion Forward with a sophisticated edge

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Stylish Curves

Amanda Allison from Fashion Love and Martinis- its all in the details

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Fashion love and martinis

Bella from Bella Styles- The definition of a Fashionista

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Bella Styles

Sakina from Saks in the City- fashion forward, Laid back, and effortlessly chic

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Saks in the City

Jeniese from Jenesaisquoi- A playful take on the latest looks

The Best Dressed Plus Size Bloggers- Jenesaiquoi

I am a bit new to outfit posts, having fun with it, and I am getting the hang of things!

What do you think?

Did I feature one of your faves? Who do you think I missed or am out of the loop on! Sound off! I wanna know!

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I am the owner of the Curvy Fashionista, sharing the latest trends and designers in plus size fashion, beauty, and accessories to keep you Curvy.Confident.Chic.! I am goofy, silly, playful, and a handful... but it is all in the name of fashion!
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  1. says

    i LOVE THIS LIST! You gals are representing for the curvy fashionistas like myself out there! And an extra shout out to Sam who featured my boutique on her blog! Did i say i love this list?!? love it :-)


  2. says

    Great List! I absolutely adore Bella, Sakina, Tiffany and Alyssa, but all the ladies are lovely and working their curves. You should be on that list too Marie (and Fat Nurse too) :-)

    Sidenote: I need to find that dress Jay is wearing, I just died, was ressurected then died again…HOTNESS indeed

  3. Elizabeth says

    All these girls are awesome, but pretty much all have been featured elsewhere and have gotten more publicity and recognition than others. I would have liked to see different bloggers, although I do still love these one.

  4. Pippa @ says

    How about Lili from frocksandfroufrou? She’s cute and curvy and petite, and her style is sort of vintage / etsy / anthropologie, which not too many other bloggers cover.


  5. Elizabeth says

    A few of my favourites of the top of my head would be.. Gazel (, Morgaine (, Fat Aus (, Sonia (, Alegra (, Kirsty ( and Nefferth (

    I think these girls have a more laid-back/edgy/hip style though.. which may just be my personal preference though.


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