Show and Tell: Sabrina C.

Monday and Friday, we will feature a reader of the Curvy Fashionista for our Show and Tell series! This series allows you the chance to SHOW us your style and Tell us what Curvy.Confident.Chic. means to you!

Today’s Show and Tell: Sabrina C.

My style is Crazy, Sexy, Cool!  I love to be adventureous and daring even as a plus size woman.  I’ve always been very confident but the right outfit will make you feel even more confident!  I add a Sassyness to my style of dressing and I love to have that pop of color!

Show and Tell: Sabrina Clark

My style Rocks because as a big girl I can still turn heads while rocking the latest fashions.  My style is elegant when I’m on top of the City looking down on a cool night!  My style is versatile and always ready for the next adventure.

Show and Tell: Sabrina Clark

Show and Tell: Sabrina ClarkCurvy to me means accentuating every curve in the right way so that you only see the beauty of it and never the flaws.

Confident to me means never having to say “I’m Sorry” for how great I look!

Chic to me means that Black timeless look where no one can keep their eyes off of you!

Thank you Sabrina! You can catch more of her fashion raves at the Soul Pitt, where Sabrina is the Fashion “Soul Stylista” Editor!

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