Exciting News… I’m a tease

I have been eluding to this great project I am working on… and last week, it was a whirlwind and the start of great things to come!

My Trip

At the last minute (literally a day or two before) I was whisked away to the freezing weather of Detroit! For the first time in like, I don’t know, 20 or so years, I saw snow! This island and Cali girl in SNOW!!!! I bundled up in layers and layers of the warmest items I know to ensure I did not come home with a cold!

My Trip

For two days, I made a couple of great and exciting new friends and family! After training, immersion, and tons of information tossed our way, my excitement only boiled over with amazing glee!

My Trip

I can only elude to my project (rather than just tell you) as the MAJOR announcement is sooo worth it! But I have to show and share my pics of my eventful two days that took me away from twitter and facebook- which was sooo worth it!

My Trip

I can say that its fashion related, you will be along the ride with me, and you will be entertained!


But what do you think of the pics? The last one, was from my hotel room! Pretty sweet huh!?!


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