Celebrating 2 years: Your Holiday Monif C. Dress Giveaway

The Curvy Fashionista's 2nd blogiversaryKicking off The Curvy Fashionista’s Two year blogiversary is plus size designer Monif C.!  Today Monif C. is celebrating by giving away one her classic Marilyn dresses!

You know the dress! The one that can be worn multiple different ways with endless possibilities? Yes! The one that Mia Amber was shot in? You know this look below!

Monif C. Giveaway for The Curvy Fashionista Blogiversary

Monif C. is amongst one of the leaders within plus size fashion creating contemporary looks- pushing the fashionable envelope for your curves! She recently celebrated FIVE YEARS- so she knows quite a bit about celebrations! Most recently, she took this Marilyn Dress and reshot this look above on her customers! Take a peek below!

Monif C Giveaway for The Curvy Fashionista Blogiversary

If you have never had the chance to own a piece, or if you do and are dying for a dress for the holidays- or just to look fly in, ENTER THE MONIF C. GIVEAWAY!

Here are the deets for the contest:

Starting today, Monday December 6th through Friday December 10th at midnight (PST), one lucky Curvy Fashionista will have the chance to flaunt her curves in a fabulous Marilyn Convertible Dress! Winner announced on Saturday, December 11th!

To enter:


  • Leave a comment below sharing where you would rock this Marilyn Dress and how!

The winner will be chosen via Random.org for all fairness!

Good Luck, Happy Holidays, and Happy Blogiversary!

If you are a fan of Monif C. and haven’t shopped yet, make sure you visit the Monif C. Plus Sizes online boutique to shop now!

**P.S. Make sure you tune in all week as I have at least two more giveaways in THIS WEEK alone!**

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  1. Omoyeni "Yeni" Makinde says

    Good Morning Everyone:

    The Marilyn Convertible dress is very fashion forward to wear to any event more than once styled differently. I am a part of many organizations, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., Order of the Eastern Stars and others. The Marilyn Convertible dress can be worn to all of the balls, afterwork socials, boat rides any many fundraising events.

    Omoyeni “Yeni” Makinde

  2. DATRINA says


  3. Kiannah_smiley says


    I adore the Marilyn Convertible dress, the versatile styles make it a dress that I could and would absolutely love to add to my collection. I would wear this dress to one of my birthday parties in January, and cold weather or not I like to show off my back tattoo’s so I would wear it as a halter but criscrossed in the back!

    Kiannah D. Smiley

  4. says

    I love this dress!!!!! I would love to win Marilyn Dress. I was able to go the Monif C. 5th anniversary and love the way the model Laura looked in hers. Because Christmas and New Years is coming up and there are so many parties to attend and so many different ways to wear the dress. I may have to go to the store and get styled!!!! lol

  5. says

    I would wear this Marilyn dress to my upcoming launch party for my Social Organization that was founded recently. I think Monif C. designs dresses that make a woman feel confident and sure of herself and as a wearer of Monif C.dresses i know that they always cause heads to turn and thats how i want all of the women of my organization to feel.

  6. Monica_franklin says

    I would rock the dress to my friends wedding in January. Yeah, yeah I eben in this gorgeous I won’t outshine the bride, but I can come close!

  7. says

    I already follow you and Monif C. on Twitter (@skinnyemmie and @emilysandford) and on Facebook!
    I would rock the Marilyn dress probably as the one-shoulder style for a holiday party, and then be able to rock it many other ways after- such as strapless gathered at the bust with a leather jacket for going out with girlfriends, or even as a strapless maxi dress with a cardigan and chunky jewelry for work!

  8. Alissa S. says

    I would rock the MArilyn dress to an upcoming holiday party. I want oto feel sexy and the MArilyn dress does just that.

  9. says

    I would wear a short convertible dress in forest green on a date with my husband. Whene I leave home, I am cute in it (maybe with jeans), but when it’s time to meet somewhere, I would change it to a sexy dress. A little bit more makeup and that’s it.:))

    (But I am extremely attracted to the ruched verision, also.)

  10. Marcy says

    I would wear this to an upcoming wedding I am attending in Jan, definitely in the one shoulder style. I have heard raves about this dress and the fact that it comes in my size (I’m a size 26-28) is great. Too many retailers stop at 24 or 26 and if they go past that, the cut is usually too small. This dress is very flattering on many shapes, which is amazing. I would purchase one but it is a bit out of my price range at the moment.

  11. says

    I love the Marilyn Convertible Dress. I’d probably wear this dress to a Christmas party. Really and truly it can be worn anywhere.

  12. says

    I would love to wear this Dress to my family holiday party. Although I own a couple of dresses from Monif C. I don’t own a convertible dress yet. I would love to do it this season.

  13. says

    I would rock the Marilyn Convertible dress to the launch of Evolve magazine, it’s perfect for a party!! It’ll make me stand out from the crowd and show off my curves!

  14. says

    Hey now! LOVE this! I would rock this on a hot dinner date with my hubby. I don’t have many party dresses and shoot I could have LOTS of styles with just this one! I would love to own it!

  15. says

    Oh, blah and ugh. I would love to win this, but I have tons of issues with the privacy fail on Facebook. I wish that people wouldn’t use Facebook Followers for things like this.

  16. says

    I would rock the Marilyn dress strapless with my 4 inch patent peep toe pumps. And a rep lip. Definitely a red lip.

    And I would look fabulous doing so!

  17. says

    The reason I am entering the contest is because I need some luck in my life. I have been unemployed for almost 4 months now and I haven’t found a job yet. However, I am getting some interviews and I think I can be that professional woman that I always wanted to be in a Monif C. dress, seeing that I definitely can’t afford to buy one at the moment. I would wear this dress to a job interview and glam it up to my type of style and await the good news. So, the chance to win this will be my good luck charm in finding that new career job and pay some bills! :)

  18. says

    I was reading the Essence mag issue with Jill Scott and I saw that orange dress on her, I was like OMG I need that dress ,I need to get that dress to wear at my cousin’s wedding next year. I love the versatility of the Marilyn Convertible Dress, I would wear it maybe the Jill Scott had it , or one shoulder. It is perfect for the curvy fashionista. I hope I win ! ; )

  19. says

    I have always wanted an authentic Marilyn Convertible Wrap Dress. I would definitely rock it for my 30th birthday party. It’s not for 2 months, but I see myself in the navy or the purple wearing it with a sweetheart neckline either as a strapless dress or with the criss cross neckline the way Fluvia is wearing it on the Monif C website.

  20. says

    I would rock the Marilyn dress at a New Year’s party I plan to attend. This beautiful creation will definitely make me stand out in the crowd not only as a really cute plus size Lady but one wearing an amazing versatile dress. I think I would ROCK a new look every hour within the night (6 total) to make the night more interesting.

  21. says

    Girl you know I am all about this dress! Following you both everywhere and would wear this dress everywhere! I own one similar and know how to tie it a million different ways for a dress for a hot date, for the office, as a tunic on the weekends etc. Great giveway doll!

  22. Qrfeather says

    I wanna rock this out fit in Chicago for new years! This will be my first new year in Chicago and the first new years an engaged woman, so what better way to bring the new year with all changes God has made in my life then with a Monif C dress!

  23. Plussizemama00 says

    I would wear my Marilyn Convertible Dress to the Miss Plus Oklahoma Pageant and I would wear it proudly and respect my plus size women.. Thanks Monif C. Beautiful..

  24. says

    I follow both of you on twitter and facebook, and OMG I would rock this dress just about everywhere. Thats the great thing about the dress; I can look nice and professional with a more covered look for the office, then I can twist it into a one shoulder look and sex it up for a night out with the boyfriend.

  25. Anonymous says

    braving the cold winter fashionably i’d pair my marilyn convertible dress with a ribbed turtleneck, funky colored tights and boots. a great outfit to wear to work…school… or an after hours get together with friends. nothing beats being cute AND warm!! especially in these mean NYC streets

  26. says

    Wow!!! greatest giveaway ever! i really hope I win! I follow you both on twitter and facebook. I would rock the dress for our wedding anniversary dinner. I have been looking for something classy to wear and this will definitely do it!!

  27. Meg says

    I’m spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s family for the first time, and I’m terrified. I need a gorgeous dress like this to impress them! I’d probably wear it 1-shoulder styled for now, since that’s in right now, but there are so many beautiful and classic ways to wear it, it’ll work for years!

  28. says

    I’m following you both on Facebook & Twitter. =) I would wear this dress to a holiday formal I’m attending the end of the month.I would style this off the shoulders because I find those looks very sexy & glamorous – both of which I’d like to be at the formal! Or I could wear it out New Years Eve. For New Years I’d probably style it as a halter.

  29. Evelyn says

    I would rock this dress on a special date with the hubby. I know if had on one of these dresses he wouldn’t keep his hands off me :) I would love to have a dress by Monif C.

  30. Vanoue says

    I would rock the Mrilyn convertible dress on the top of the Eiffel tower for the new year eve party my friends are giving. Monif C. designs rock!

  31. says

    Of course I am following both of you on twitter and facebook! :D

    I would rock this dress in every way imaginable. I was lucky enough to model is for a boutique so I’ve already got a bit of experience in wrapping it. I’d go for the shorter Marilyn dress, to show off the legs with a great pair of pumps!

  32. Model_Latisha says

    This year I’m planning to go to a New Year’s Eve party for the first time almost 10 years!! When I did go to outings like this, I would always wear a pants outfit. I am curvy and fabulous and I need to wear dresses more often to show it. I’m planning on rocking it one shoulder, cocktail dress style!!

  33. Jacquie says

    I would wear this amazing dress every opportunity I have! It is gorgeous and I would be proud to wear it! I would wear this dress to Christmas dinner and then again on New Years Eve!! I would love to ring in the New Year in a dress as drop dead gorgeous as this one!! I would style it off the shoulder! It is a gorgeous dress!!!!
    **I don’t have Twitter but I would follow them if I had it!!!

  34. Grace42010 says

    Congratulations!!! Running a blog along with everything else you have to do is a lot of work and takes dedication. I’m gonna wear this dress with some bold pumps, leather jacket and funky earrings……I’ll be hot steppin’ in this fit to celebrate my husband’s first show!

  35. Angel says

    this dress is so versatile that you could wear it anywhere, but i would most likely wear it to a girl’s night out, a holiday party or even to work

  36. says

    Congrats! I have always wanted a Marilyn dress. I would probably wear it for New Years Eve style it up and glam it up with some sparkle!

  37. Anonymous says

    I would love the op to rock this dress…hmm… perhaps I would dress it up and wear it to the Grammy’s in Feb.!
    (p.s. I’m a fb fan (Bree C.) and follow both on twitter)

  38. says

    I follow you both on twitter and facebook. The question really shouldn’t be where would I rock it. It’s where wouldn’t I? LOL It’s such a versatile piece. Right now, because it’s so cold here I can see me wearing it with tights (dress) or jeans (top). Congrats to you both!

  39. Imvictorious says

    I’m always at my wit’s end when it comes to finding something suitable to match my mood when I’m going out. I think the Marilyn dress gives me the ability to let all my alter egos have a go at styling and profiling without killing my bank account. Funk it up with tights, glam it up with drop earrings and strappy heels, go casual with sandals and a flowy scarf. I NEED this dress in my LIFE!

  40. Anonymous says

    Congrats on your Blogiversary!

    I follow both on Facebook and Twitter.

    I would totally rock this at the company Christmas party with some low pumps (I can’t go too high because of my knee), drop earrings and a chunky necklace. The best part is I can change it up and wear it over and over again and achieve a different look every time!

  41. wouterra says

    I would rock this dress so many ways:
    Wide shoulders on a romantic picnic
    Strapless for a night out
    Creative twists at an art opening
    So many amazing possibilities and every one of them is amazing.

  42. Kristen M. says

    I’ve been following you for awhile and I am so proud of you. You have helped me become so much more aware of various plus size companies and I love your insights into styling. Keep posting those pictures of yourself, you make all of us more confident when you show that wonderful confidence in yourself.

    As for me… were I blessed with a Marilyn… I’d make my husband take me out to dinner somewhere nice. I can’t decide how I’d tie it, perhaps like Fluvia has the short one tied, or maybe like the orange or aqua short ones. I’d design my own jewelry to go with. I’m thinking turquoise with a black dress. And I might add on a denim jacket, and possibly metallic flats (my husband’s about the same height and I hate towering over him).

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  43. says

    Wooot! 2 years! soo excited for you!
    I would rock this first in the winter with black tights – maybe to a swanky xmas party then through spring perhaps with tights if it’s still cold and then into summer tight and sleeve free! :)

  44. Amanda Allison says

    I would wear this dress to my company Christmas party! I’d pair it with a blazer, maybe some tights if its cold that night, and suede studded heels.

  45. says

    this dress allows so much… wow… i can wear it like:
    1. a tunic top with some lace leggings and booties.
    2. wear it like a dress with a crop tux jacket and tall knee boots and chunky necklace for a night out with my man
    3. make it a tube tunic with a button down underneath and some distressed jeans and wedges.

    i love this dress and cant wait to win.

  46. says

    I’d love to rock this as either a tunic with a pair of leggings, or gown length to a holiday party. I love that I can wear one piece that can go so easily from a day/office look to something elegant for the evening! LOVE the variety of colors too!

  47. metermouse says

    hmmm I tried to add Monif C. on FB and it said she has too many requests. Does this mean after she accepts them I can add? Or is there a limit on friends? Sorry I know you’re not a FB moderator or anything, just curious if you knew.

  48. says

    This dress would be PERFECT for working summer festivals…. opening night at the theatre, a warm & sticky New Orleans night… pair it with some loose curls and some low heels!

  49. says

    seriously i would rock a marilyn all year round, with boots, sweaters of turtlenecks in the cool months and flats or heels in the warm ones and its so versatile that it would be perfect for any event, dressed up or dressed down.

    loves it.

  50. Jeniesehosey says

    I would rock this dress asymmetrically for the holidays!!! I will also wear it with a great pair of shoes!

  51. Susan says

    I would rock this Marilyn dress at a swanky new years eve party! I’m looking for a dress right now… this is curvalicious!

  52. Rant Diva says

    This is a great contest! So you wanna know how I would rock this dress?

    I would rock it in my house,
    looking in the mirror before I go out.

    I would rock it in the club,
    hanging out with the husband, showing him love.

    I would rock it in my stylist’s chair,
    With my friends asking..”you got that dress where?”

    I would rock in in Vegas on New Year’s Eve,
    Looking good at the concert w/Coldplay & Jay-Z

    I would rock it this way, then I’d rock it that way,
    With this convertible dress you can change it all day!

    I would rock with cute pumps, or maybe cute flats,
    In the convertible dress I know I’m all that.

    I really love this contest, as you can see,
    Thanks to the Curvy Fashionista & Monif C!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  53. says

    * You must be a follower of Monif C. and The Curvy Fashionista on Facebook! (DONE!)
    * You must follow @monifcplussizes and @mariedenee on Twitter! (DONE!)
    * Leave a comment below sharing where you would rock this Marilyn Dress and how! ***I would rock this dress everywhere in every way! With flats and black tights and subtle jewelry for work, with boots and bold scarves for shopping, with heels and bold jewelry for a night out on the town with my honey. This dress could work all looks! ***
    Thanks for the chance!

  54. says

    My husband is in the military and for the past 8 years we have several balls/dances that we have to attend each year. It is very hard to find nice plus size evening wear that is reasonably priced and the fact that I live in Guam makes it nearly impossible. So I would for sure rock this dress at our next Khaki Ball (semi-formal) or I would walk the runway at our Submarine Ball (formal) so the long Marilyn Dress would be even more awesome.

  55. says

    I would rock the Marilyn Convertible dress in a classy way for a video shoot for a magazine. I’d wear it other ways but that would definitely be one of the firsts. Been loving Monif C’s style for about 2 years since I’ve heard of them. Awesomeness!!!

  56. Jazzybrowneyez says

    I will be taking my first cruise this January and I’d love to rock an ankle length Marilyn dress, a pair of bejeweled strappy pumps and a blinged out clutch! I could wear it more than once multiple days and reduce my luggage! I have the short one now I need to add one (or two or three)

  57. says

    I would rock the Marilyn Dress to my baby shower, finding plus size clothes to fit my lovely baby hum is hard enough…so if i won i would definitely rock this dress because i would be curvy preggy and confident in monif c.


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