Bring on the Fashion Democracy- The Shopping Forecast

The Shopping ForecastImagine if you had the power to tell the buyers, designers, and those who hold the power to tell them what fashions you wanted to see. Thus is the case with the new fashion site: The Shopping Forecast!

It is the first of its kind to highlight the key trends for the season as identified by experts, fashion enthusiasts and the public. It will also provide invaluable quantifiable information to buyers in fashion retail allowing them to make informed decisions. The website will provide ongoing quantitative information and analysis on consumer preferences of women to fashion buyers for the season ahead.

Lead by the Style Council (of which I have been invited to be a part of by representing the plus size woman- HOW EXCITING!), items on the site will include women’s fashion for a variety of occasions, will selected by an expert style council comprising of popular fashion bloggers, stylists, and industry insiders as well as forward looking consumers of fashion.

Shopping Forecast founder, Matthew Murfin shares, “ is the first of its kind to give fashion enthusiasts and consumers a say in which clothes they would like to see in stores. It aims to create a fashion democracy that will be a link between female shoppers and retail buyers, so no more puffball skirts!”

How about them apples?

Are you excited? Intrigued? Curious? I know I was when I was contacted!

A haven where your voice can be heard! Asides from checking out the Style Council’s picks, you have the chance to share your thoughts, vote on your favorites, and discuss the fashions you hate, love, and wish to see more of for next season, all at The Shopping Forecast.

I have already started to load up some the Fall favorites for plus size fashion, now I just need your thoughts and votes! What an amazing opportunity to have your voice heard! Don’t worry, I am just getting started, I will be adding more picks! :)

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