Plus Model Tara Lynn in August Glamour

Tara Lynn rocks her curves in the Glamour Denim Issue

Over on The Fashion Spot, there was a shared scan (thanks to Alissa from Stylish Curves) of the August edition of Glamour magazines featuring the vivacious Tara Lynn for their Denim Issue. In a pair of fabulous Joe’s Jean leggings, Tara Lynn strikes a fashion forward pose…

Plus Size Model Tara Lynn in Glamour-Aug2010

When asked what her denim m/o was, she replied:

I always wear jeans to castings- it’s an honest way to give the clients the info they need about my figure. Jeans are vital to my career!

And when asked what she likes to wear her jeans with, she confidently replied:

Heels, silk, and lipstick!

For more information about the picture and it’s source, please visit The Fashion Spot.

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  • Alissa

    Hey, that’s my scan. She does look pretty great.

    • Marie Denee

      Oh hey girl! I saw it there but there was not a link! But linking you now!

      She does look fierce! :)

  • Catherine

    She looks stunning! Is Joe’s making a plus size line???

  • Sarah

    She looks gorgeous and soooo stylish.

  • Jen

    saw this in the magazine, she’s so goregous and sexy, great post! <3

  • carly

    The leggings look good, it’s hard to see what the top really looks like… same for the vest. It’s a pretty picture, but does not make me want to buy the outfit… great shoes!

    • Marie Denee

      I think that because my picture is smaller, that is why you cannot see it, however if you click on the link below her picture, it is bigger! Let me know!

  • Teer Wayde

    She is by far the most beautiful plus model in the scene right now!

    • Marie Denee

      Hey there Miss Teer! Thank you for stopping by and YES she is!!!

  • Evelyn

    She is very beautiful. I love this picture, very simple, but speaks alot

  • Fg

    This is such a gorgeous pic!