Christian Siriano for Payless Fall 10- Runway to Realway?

How will his show collection translate into production?

Christian Siriano’s Fall ’10 collection for Payless is gorgeous!  Ornate gunmetal hardware, gold filigree detail, and patent croc skins adorn his collection for another season of raised eyebrows for Payless. This partnership was probably one of the better things that could have happened to Payless and a great platform for Mr. Siriano to get his name out there!

Christian Siriano for Payless Fall 2010

While I am in love with the entire collection. Part of it gives me pause, as I do not want to fall in love with a collection that turns into a highly watered down version…  However, I am hopeful!  Who knows?  Maybe a mass appeal to these boots will help in its wear ability and sale ability?

Christian Siriano for Payless Fall 2010

Here is a little tidbit about the Christian Siriano Fall Collection from the Payless website:

The Christian Siriano RTW line for Fall ’10 is inspired by 1960s European women – particularly Parisian women – who got dressed every day. They wore suits, coats, gloves, a great bag, signature shoes – culminating in effortless, soft and romantic style that could transcend day to evening. The Christian Siriano Fall ’10 line embodies this notion in a strong and streamlined way and presents a modernized version of getting dressed for today’s contemporary woman.

The Fall ’10 collection will be available exclusively at Payless stores and September 2010.

Beautiful- Yes?  What do you think? Do you think they will stay the same or become watered down?

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  1. Amor says

    Bella Styles just posted about this yesterday and this was my comment:

    I adore Christian Siriano, but I doubt that his actual collection for Fall/Winter 2010 for Payless will actually look like the above photos. I could be eating my words come august/september, but CS has a reputation for a little bit of false – eh, not so harsh – over-projected advertising. I remember his Fall 2009 collection for Payless was supposed to be extremely elaborate and ornate and fab as he had showcased in his Fall 2009 collection at Fashion Week, and instead it was a watered down version, “INSPIRED” by the shoes that he actually debuted on the runway prior. So we shall see…

    I'm hoping that my prediction is wrong and that come Fall I will be just as blown away by the elaborateness of this collection in store as portrayed in the photos…crossing my fingers! :)

  2. says

    I always loved his runway collections, yes- knew he was an advocate… but I am wondering if we will see the same (CAUSE I HEART EM) boot inside the store! I am realistically optimistic, yet dreaming for those exposed zipper boots to be in my closet… lol

  3. says

    I agree with Nicolette that he will have to be reinterpreted for mass production and to keep the price point to what Payless consumers are used to paying. Nonetheless, the shoes are FAB- must have the heels with the blue ruffle!

  4. Lydia says

    His first collection for them definitely pushed the envelope of anything I'd seen there before, so I have high hopes for this one.

    • Avatar of says

      I have yet to venture into the store to take a peek at them… Maybe one day, and I will share my results! You know Alice and Olivia have joined forces there as well!

  5. says

    I've yet to see any of his actual payless shoes in person, so I'm just wondering.. Has anybody? I like the designs of his previous collection but I'm thinking that the quality will be lacking. Are they comfortable/worth it?

    Judging by his previous collection, it's going to be a waterdowned version, I mean.. it is Payless.. but at least a more diverse group of girls will be able to afford them.

  6. wildefae says

    I wish he wasn't working with Payless: these shoes could be selling just as they are, as good high-quality shoes. You can bet they're either going to be lowquality or totally reimagined or both sold retail through Payless.

  7. kittiedee says

    I saw some of the last Payless shoes of his. They looked good, from far away. Up close they weren't so lovely, and they felt plastic and cheap when I picked them up. Not very sturdy. All in all good, though, considering it's Payless.

  8. says

    I am less concerned about whether or not the real thing will be as hot as these fab photos..they'll definitely have to water them down a bit for the masses, but I'm sure they'll still be fierce. For me, I think the fear is that I won't be able to find them ANYWHERE… i.e the Alice + Olivia for Payless, the phantom CV for Target wedges, the mysterious Dolce Vita for Target collection currently “available” in stores (where are these stores?)

  9. says

    You know I have been only able to find them online and at one store, but if you get the style number from online, you can have the store locate the closest one… Good Luck- let me know what you find!

  10. says

    Right! Its kind of like taking the best parts available and running with that. I have not owned a pair, as the ones I have seen from the runway into the stores were not always the best or most fabulous.

    Good Luck! When I get images of the collection in stores, I will share!

  11. Mabirch says

    I bought the turquoise booty from his first Payless line…they are AMAZING!! The rest of the line from the runway I was hoping for never made the cut to the Payless line…I fear the same for this new collection :(

  12. Moda Epidemic says

    Maybe I'll start to like Payless finally. I think the design will be great but I'm not convinced about the quality? How are they going to keep the price low and offer quality. I don't think that's going to happen.

  13. Fashionherald says

    If it's the usual Payless collection, they'll definitely be watered down! But his talon heel collection, a limited Payless release, was AWESOME. They were right off the runway, and the quality looked good.


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