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My Lane Bryant Conference Experience

When I received the invite to attend the Lane Bryant Conference, I was shocked- shocked for a few reasons! One, I have never, as far as I can remember, shopped inside the store AND I have never featured any of their looks, why?

I had always thought Lane Bryant to be a bit dated or just not my style, but let me tell you…

I am now a Lane Bryant Believer!

…and boy was I wrong!

Them reaching out to not only myself, but 11 other bloggers to bring them into their world, headquarters, and behind the scenes was one of the most amazing things (next to the Ashley Graham commercial)  they could have ever done!

Lane Bryant Blogger Conference Being extremely humbled, I was really excited for the chance to be flown out for a two days, visit the headquarters, get all made up for a photoshoot, and to meet with the buyers and designers and ask your questions- AH-Ma-ZING (answers below!).  Although there was loads of fashion and flair, the real purpose of this event was to talk about Lane Bryant’s focus for productive partnerships between Lane Bryant, social media, and the blogger community and the celebration that “beauty comes in all sizes.”

Running on coffee and excitement (jet lag kicked my butt) our day kicked off with us heading to the Easton Lane Bryant to pick out looks for our shoot later in the day!  Lane Bryant’s own version of Tim Gunn, Robert Rustkauskas! He even favored him!

I immediately was drawn to the leopard maxi!  In addition to the maxi dress, I picked up a floral ring, and stacked bracelets! OOOH!  I also was fitted for a strapless bra!  Fancy that!  And let me tell you, this strapless (The classic bra is back!) was amazing!  It lifts and separates!  I could wear this bra all DAY!  Not the usual running home at the first moment to snatch it off!  Do not act like you don’t do it!

Our next stop was Lane Bryant headquarters, and upon entrance, I loved the mannequins, so I Had to get a picture with the model in the dress I chose! We headed into a room and sat down to chat it up with Lane Bryant President-Brian and VP of Marketing- Jay Dunn as they welcomed us and shared the purpose behind the conference- their platform, Inside Curve and moving forward to create a “richer experience in all aspects of the full figured woman.“

Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

After they spoke, we met the senior design director David Albow.  He shared the design aesthetics and what to expect for Fall!  Inspirations of fashion’s leading ladies…  I was intrigued and could not wait to go on tour! As we headed upstairs, Tim Gunn, oops I meant Robert, walked us through their design boards!  So much fun! We could not take pictures, but I already have my eye on a green bomber jacket- and that is all I am going to say!

After we sashayed through the ready to wear, we landed one floor down in LINGERIE!  Here we met the fierce Gill Herr, senior designer for intimate apparel! Let me just tell you, this holiday- I will have quite a few items on my wishlist! HAUTE!

Sitting down with the designers was the knitty gritty of our conversations!  We sat down with those who bring you all the juiciness you see in the stores! They were extremely gracious, open, and receptive!

You Asked, They Answered

  • Cacique sports bra? Be happy to know that as of this week, there are four NEW styles of sports bras available!  Thanks to the help and partnership of Marika.
  • Including higher band sizes for some of their prettier bras? In the Core Bras, they will add up to a 46DDD AND that they will add F, G, and H in the fashion colors in the store!
  • Bra6? Only available online, BUT they are bringing back the classic fit bras, in which you will find the strapless you will die over!  (I think this is the one I got!)
  • Bra colors in a varied shade of nude? They will be introducing a new shade called toffee and it will be carried in the back smoothing bra and the t-shirt bra!
  • Accessories? Particularly the belts! This is a newer focus (and from seeing first hand, you will like!)
  • I love the Icon brand but am unable to find that in my local stores? Their focus right now is perfecting their core area, ensuring the fit of their bottoms and their core elements of the brand.  So right now, it’s on pause, but only to bring you back the amazing core fashions!

There were some questions some of you had that I did not get the chance to ask, as there were 12 of us!  LOL!  However, do not hesitate to hop over to the other bloggers share their experiences!

Lights Camera Action!

Last but not least, was the photoshoot!  SOOO MUCH FUN!  In betwixt and between, I had to pop over to their full mockup store!  Ah-Ma-Zing- stocked with newness that has not even hit the floors yet!  It was lovely!  However, back to hair and makeup: the whole process- a blast!  Here are a few of the pics!

Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

The Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

Whew!  Did I miss anything?  Oh!  Here is a recap video for you!

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