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Curves in the USA- A question

Vogue Italy


Elle France

Evans UK

French Glamour

V Mag

What do these all have in common?

Yesterday on Twitter, news shared most recently, that French Glamour featured a full spread on their full figured fashion bloggers- AND it included two US fa(t)shion bloggers, Gabi and JFatshionable. Most notably, Times UK listed Gabi amongst one of its top 50 influential bloggers.

Fabulous right!


However, this had me thinking, especially after reading @Feminista09s tweet yesterday:

feminista09http://twitpic.com/1ld3sb @afrobella @fatshionable @55SecretStreet@RevoltRealWomen @jezebelDodai @jenniferweiner @dnyree @gabifresh#USfail

US Glamour Size Issue and French Glamour Size Issue Covers



Mentioned above, are the INTERNATIONAL magazines and retailers who have featured full figured fashion spreads or have integrated US plus size fashion bloggers in the mix(myself included). Which leaves me to wonder, with the slight exception to Marie Claire- with Ashley Falcon, why aren’t or haven’t  the American fashion magazines celebrating, integrating, or including the us full figured fashion bloggers as integrally as their international counterparts?

French, UK, and US Bloggers in French Glamour

One has to wonder.  Why the consistent lack of a plus-size voice within US fashion magazines?  It is evidenced there is a market for it. Especially as Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham, Tara Lynn, Lizzie Miller, Mia Amber, Fluvia Lacerda (to name only a few)- the plus size models whose curves fashion national campaigns, their faces grace magazine covers, their names recognized outside the plus community, and they champion size issues on national television. Especially as me, Gabi, and Nicolette  US fatshion bloggers, blog or Vlog for an international magazine’s website…

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

This has me thinking, questions raised, as I celebrate in glee with the advancement of the beauty seen in plus size fashion, and I pose these questions to you:

  • Do you think we will ever see a point where the plus size fashion blogger, the plus size fashion community, you- the plus size consumer is respectfully accepted into US fashion magazines?
  • Do you think we will see an editorialized spread of various plus models as evidenced by our international counterparts?
  • Will we see the day a variety of our US plus size fashion bloggers are fully welcomed and respected within our fashion magazines?

I think so! (The eternal optimist, I am) but I see the movement with a different approach- Dollars and Cents. However, we can count out Vogue, as Anna Wintour declared no plus Size fashion will grace her magazine but albeit slow, I think we are on a path!

Your thoughts?

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