Emme, Full Figured Fashion Week, and the Awards

Lamaica Fashions at Full Figured Fashion WeekFull Figured Fashion Week has just announced their host for the second annual Full Figured Fashion Weekâ„¢. Created as a platform for aspiring models and designers to fashion looks for fashionistas size 14 and up, Full Figured Fashion Weekâ„¢ is pulling no stops. The four days of panels and events will be capped off with a full-scale fashion showcase hosted by the original plus-size supermodel, Emme. “Emme was the perfect choice for us,” says DeVoe. “Her contributions to the plus-size fashion industry are unparalleled.”

Emme! Ah-Ma-Zing!

In addition to the fabulous host, there is more news to announce! For the first time ever, Full Figured Fashion Weekâ„¢ takes the time to celebrate those who have and are continuing to bring plus size fashion to the forefront.

On Saturday, June 19th, during the 2010 FFFWeekâ„¢ event, they will honor leaders and trailblazers within the plus size fashion industry! But before they can do that, they have elicited our voice to share and VOTE for our favorites!!!!

What are the categories?

Plus Designer of the Year

Plus Runway Model of the Year

Plus Print Model of the Year

Plus Fashion Stylist of the Year

Plus Fit Model of the Year

Plus Blog of The Year
(YALL MUST VOTE! I am nominated! Whooo hoo!!!!!)

Plus E-zine of the Year

Plus Fashion Retailer

Plus Fashion Photographer of the Year

Plus Industry Icon of the Year

Asides from the fact that I am nominated ( I am extremely excited and humbled!), you should seriously head on over to show your support to those plus size community leaders and industry mavens!

Vote for your Favorite here!

Did you get a chance to catch the show last year? Well here is a tidbit of what you missed last year, with the video below! Make sure you check out the schedule of events or tune in here to keep up with the latest for FFFWeek.com!

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