Asos Curve Drape Dress- Love

Okay, so if you have not heard, ASOS Curve is one of the hottest plus size brands delivering on point, well crafted, and 100% fierce fashion!

As the days progress, so does my lust factor for their looks! Oooh! So, I could not resist this fabulous frock when my eyes came across this new find!

Have you shopped from ASOS Curve? What are your thoughts about the brand? Well worth the absolute lust??

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  • metermouse

    OMG!! I’ve been lusting over that very dress! I’ve been going should I, shouldn’t I… My main reason was that I don’t have an occasion to wear it… but now I think I’m just gonna do it! I’ve never ordered from them. Any tips on the sizing? Does it run true?

    awesome choice!

    • Marie Denee

      From what i gather, as I have not ordered from them yet, is that they run pretty true, but I suggest that you jump on facebook, and see what the girls from the Asos Curve group have to say! But you better jump on that dress fast, as I am sure it wont last…

  • Stiletto Siren

    That dress speaks right to my heart!

  • NajaB

    This dress is now $18.60!!!!!

    • Marie Denee

      OOOh WHy did you tell me!!!!!

      • Naja B.

        Girl I think I just maxed my card lol I’m so glad I waited on a lot of pieces I wanted because 99% of them are on sale right now…all at least 30% off

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