Let’s talk about giving tips for the Curvy Fashionistas

Every night, I peruse the internet, looking for the latest in plus size news, entertainment- you know all the goodies you come to read about!  Well, amongst my ventures, I came across this “How- to” for plus size women and how to “flatter” the curves.

Milan Plus Size designer Elena Miro Photos from Runway and Fashion

Milan Plus Size designer Elena Miro Photos from Runway and Fashion

I always read these with amusement, often questioning the authors.  I wonder, are these tip givers plus size too?  What is their motivation?  DO they cater to plus size women?  And why are these tips always suggesting ‘plus size women can look slimmer if…?’ So, I have found a most illustrious list, that I had to share and revise, with a more friendly and pointed directive to their “TIPS.”

Ladies, please enjoy….

If you are one of the majority of women out there with a curvy shape (name deleted) have put together some tips on how to flatter it best:

  1. Keep garments simple and well-fitting, with a good cut, and spend what you can afford in order to achieve the best look. Fashion should be fun, not boring… you should always have your staple items, and YES you should invest in these. However, your whole wardrobe should not be hum-drum boring!
  2. Do not be tempted to buy a size smaller make sure you are wearing the size that you are, it will be far more becoming.  As Chastity showed yesterday, in her Jean Paul Gaultier video, sometimes you have to think outside the box, and play around with sizing.  However, there are certain items that you need to be size aware of.  Do not shop by number, shop by fit!  Plus size designers each have different dimensions and fits- know your designers design aesthetic to assist with your shopping and fashion ventures
  3. This is especially true of bra size have a fitting to make sure you are wearing the correct dimensions. Laying the right foundation is key! YES! A Proper bra, shaper, and underwear is key, and can do wonders for your curves!!!
  4. Darker colors will give you a more defined and slender looking silhouette.  Black does not always equate slimming, nor does every plus size woman care to look “slimmer” or “slender”
  5. Outfits composed of clothing in a single color family can be slimming.  Ditto to the comment above
  6. Soft draping can help to smooth any lumps and bumps. I actually like this one…
  7. Steer clear of fancy, emphasized shoulders, large prints, pleats, contrasting bold colors, ruffles and too many details like pockets etc. What? SMH… I am a curvy gal who LOVES intricate details.  What should be said here is be strategic with patterns, prints, and textures.  It is all about scale and proportions.  If you are busty, large ruffles only adds to the fullness of the bust line. If you have an ample derriere, prints will only play up the bum… Not a blanket statement to completely stay away from these!
  8. Go for items with longer lines. This would be great as a directive, as one who has worked in retail for a while, but an average woman may need more than a loner line statement.
  9. Heels can lengthen the leg, but avoid teetering around in anything too high. What is too high? My rule?  If you can “WALK” in those 3in heels, you had better work!
  10. Avoid wearing skin-tight or very loose clothing either of these will be unflattering. Yes, either extreme can be a bit much…
  11. Buy clothing in shades that look good with your skin tone and hair color. But do not be afraid to experiment with colors, sticking to what is “right” can stifle you fashion options!
  12. Get professional advice and a flattering, easy to maintain hairstyle. Random, but understandable… as this affects your whole image put forward, BUT a jamming haircut will do wonders for your confidence!
  13. Dress to emphasize your best features. I always like to say Accent the positive and camouflage the rest…
  14. Do not take advice from sales people on what flatters, shop with a trusted friend. Um- Not always true. If you are dealing with a seasoned sales associate (as I once was), they will know the best options.  This rule goes both ways!
  15. Add a face-brightening colored scarf to your ensemble.  Scarves are fun and playful! Accessorize to maximize!
  16. Find styles that suit you and buy variations on a similar theme. Hmmm, I am wondering if this is the suggestion that you should buy one in every color? Switch it up… again, back to the basics, yes- but with the myriad of plus size options, fashion can be fun for us to!
  17. Once you have found items and styles that you are confident with, try shopping for plus-size clothing online or in specialist shops.  YES! here are some tips to help you out there!
  18. Adopt good grooming habits and be positive about your looks. ‘Grooming habits” hmm… is this a back handed comment, that plus size women are unkempt, or am I being sensitive… either way, you should always dress to put your best curve forward!
  19. Do not overdo the accessories one bold item per outfit is enough. Spring is a continuum of the Statement necklace!  Kick-ass cuff bracelets, and fabulous jewels!  Should you look like you are wearing a jewelry store?  NO, but you should most definitely Accessorize to Maximize you look!
  20. Correct any bad postural habits and work on adopting positive body language. This is interesting.  While correct posture is an instant fashion do and confidence factor, how does one take from this HOW to adopt a positive body language?


What do you think?

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