Elena Miro leads the Curvy Revolution In Milan

“Contributing to and enriching people’s perception of what is chic and sexy- placing personality at centre stage” -Elena Miro

Elena Miro Fall 2010/2011 photos from Runway and Fashion

Elena Miro Fall 2010/2011 photos from Runway and Fashion

For the last four years, one designer has consistently and constantly knocked down barriers and stereotypes of the perception on plus size beauty. At Milan Fashion Week, designer Elena Miro paves the way for true representation of beauty for the ‘Mediterranean-shaped’ woman (I like that!).

A/W 2008/2009, Spring 2009, and A/W 2009/2010 have been covered on The Curvy Fashionista, however this year, her presence on the catwalk is more poignant as she shows her collection on the heels of Mark Fast’s debut and the news surrounding him. Below are images from her A/W 2010/2011 collection that are exquisitely sumptuous!

Milan Plus Size designer Elena Miro Photos from Runway and Fashion

Milan Plus Size designer Elena Miro Photos from Runway and Fashion

On the tip of the heated debate over plus size fashion, obesity, and body image and awareness, Miro told AFP, “The reasons for anorexia go much deeper…The important thing for the designer is to be able to present a different kind of beauty, both in marketing and in the media.” Preach!

Expressing her motivation with her line, Miro shares that Elena Miro’s goal is “to “help real women to feel confident and at peace with themselves.” This is made evident with her pieces catering to a woman who is ” trendy, dynamic and well-informed, and has no intention of missing out on what fashion is offering in standard sizes. Product, distribution, research and communication have led to the creation of a real focal point for the “Mediterranean” style of woman.”

Enjoy this video of the Elena Miro A/W 2010/2011 Fashion Show

(All Images from Fashion and Runway)

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  1. elahe says

    hi,h am from iran.i cant speak english very good,but i want to say you “I LOVE THESE MODELS”,because i can not dress sexy dresses and these models are very good.thanks a lot.
    excuse me if my english is very bad,i try to learn it.

  2. Tiziana says

    Hi! I’m half Mexican half Italian, so you must imagine my body shape, which I have fought against ever since I was 15. At that time I was 70 kilos in a 1.65 meters tall, which is not at all fat, but rather on the robust side. I´ve gone through every known diet, have been with nutritionists, and worked my head off at the gym, only to see the weight go up again in the scale a few couple of weeks after starving myself, hating myself, and calling myself awful names, feeling more and more frustrated…
    Now Im 45 and a new fight has begun: the one against gravity, which is a battle, I suspect, I won`t be able to overcome…
    So now I’ve finally hit bottom (is that how you say it?), and I´ve reached a desperate spot in my life, where I have to ask myself a question… How long will this war against my self, my own integrity and self confidence, how long will this go on?
    And, one day, looking for nothing special, I found your site… and a soft and gentle breeze started blowing into my very own soul… And I say, yes, that’s me, big, curvy, wide-hiped-busty… but not confident…
    But I keep coming back, seeing this beautiful young women, full of life and flesh and… and confidence, and I just wish if I hadn’t wasted all those years loathing my image and my curves, and instead just learn about respecting myself at the mirror.
    Ever since I first visited your blog I feel I’m gaining in confidence, in self respect, and above all, in self forgiveness for treating my self with such cruelty. 
    Today I’m not onto the next diet, but after the dress that celebrates my curves, and the attitude that talks to the world that I love my shape, that I love my size, and yes, even those lines appearing in my face that talk about the story of my life. 
    Thank you Marie Denee, it’s a celebration to see you so at ease in your body…
    Curvy… Confident and oh, so chic!!!!
    From Cancun, Mexico, 

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