Big, Bold, and NOT oh so Beautiful…

I got an email yesterday from a writer sharing her article for me to read and share thoughts on, and thinking this would be a fun read- I was wrong. Still irked and frustrated and after reading Fat Chic’s most recent post, it left me wondering if she received the same one as well.

You see, plus size fashion and all its attention over the last few months has caused quite a rise in the “How-To” articles about how to dress, how to look, what not to wear, have to accent your curves, and so on and so forth.  What is the irritating part is that the tone and the feel of these articles that leave one to question- are you plus size, are you familiar with the fashion options, and what are your motives? You know? Like trying to capitalize off the wave of plus size fashion and its traffic.

What did this article do that irritated me so?

For starters, it poses as this fashion disasters piece:

Fashion disasters are fun to watch… as long as you’re not the victim! If you and your viewers want to see some of these fashion nightmares, you should definitely check out this article.  It’s packed with pictures of plus size fashion gone horribly wrong, as well as tips to look slim and sexy instead of fat and frumpy.

… and naturally, I was intrigued, wanting to know who this writer was, what tips could she have to share? I went over to the site, excited, that is, until I read the piece.

The article opens with different fatshionista’s OOTD’s (Outfits of the day) and about- well here is the opening statement:

As a curvier woman, you’re all about making a dramatic fashion statement. Rich colors, striking designs, and eye-catching patterns fill your shopping bags to the brim.  After all the time and money you’ve spent finding those diva delicious outfits, it would be a shame to find out that those garments are bold, but not so beautiful.

Um… are you serious? But, wait… I know I am not tripping, but it gets better:

the point of being fashionable is to understand how your choices in clothing effect whether you look significantly slimmer or horrifically huge.

Are you serious? My curves are going to be here and are going to stay and the fact that I am curvy- no matter how I dress, these curves are going to be the same… just more fashionable- hmph.

One of our biggest roadblocks, however, is that we don’t always make the best fashion choices. We accentuate what we shouldn’t, and we hide our best features.

She then goes on to highlight these pictures of different women around the web! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without permission…

Accept those trouble spots for what they are — works in progress — and learn ways to make them look less noticeable.

  • Tip #1 — Wearing darker colored clothing helps create a slimmer appearance.
  • Tip #2 — Choose clothing styles that take the focus away from your problem areas.
  • Tip #3 — Only wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable.

Light and bright colors stick out, highlighting every curve of your body to make both your good and bad features more noticeable.

After highlighting some of Beth Ditto’s outfits and several other women, she goes on to share:

Several ‘fatshionistas’ live under the rule that if you’re already a big girl and you can’t hide it, then you might as well dress over the top.

She then goes on to tell us that we should stay away from horizontal stripes, ruffles, and shiny fabrics, as these only make us look fatter and add weight to our curves… I work in my yellows and pinks, my Norma Kamali horizontal striped sweater, and my shiny tops!

Okay.  I could be tripping, but the 77 comments on this site seem to be on point with me, as I thought to myself, this chick is on some other stuff…

Please take a read (it will open in another window), and COME BACK and share your thoughts about this! Let me know!

Due to the response and emails, the site has taken down the pictures, AND the post!!!!! But has left the comments for you to enjoy…

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