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They call it a Fad- We call it a Comeback

Reading over the magazines and newspapers this weekend has me shaking my head as the debate of V magazine’s photo shoot and choice of the representation of plus size as beautiful seriously has me shaking my head, leading me to think and reflect upon my thoughts, opinions, and views. The New York Post chuckles at the thought of any plus size role model, the New York Times questions if we are worthy to be seen, and yet fashion magazines continue to give us our moment and just due of beauty in all shapes and sizes…

Whitney Thompson for Plus Model Magazine

Whitney Thompson for Plus Model Magazine

Plus Size Designer Anna Scholz Sample Sale

Plus Size Designer Anna Scholz Sample Sale

Chatting with my fellow bloggers and fashion editors of the few plus size e-zines, raises an honest question:

Is the celebration of plus size women a fad?

My opinion?


Call me the hopeful, optimistic, rose-colored glasses wearer, or out of touch, but for me, I see this as a long awaited and overdue conversation that WE as a society, community, and individual need to have with ourselves.

You see, sitting idly, you could call this a fad, but that is not me or any of my fashionably curvy, fat, plus sized, fluffy bloggers and editors would agree upon. A fad? NO.

This is only the beginning!

If you chart the progress plus size fashion has made over the last decade, hell, the last year, if you really paid attention to the movement, wave, or revolution of plus size fashion, you would see that we, plus size women, who demand fashionable acceptance from our straight sized peers, see this as a step in a positive direction of plus size fashion.


For far too long we have been excluded, relegated to the pits of fashion leftovers and rejections as an afterthought, told our curves could in no way be beautiful, that we should dare not want to indulge in luxurious fabrics, dare not fashion ourselves in the latest trends- BUT we are here.

The louder we speak, the more we support, the longer we challenge the status quo, the more that society will hear our cry.  We are more than a fatally flawed statistic stating that all fat women are unhealthy, and all we care about is sitting in front of the television eating ships in sweatpants (my loungewear is quite spiffy Mr. Lagerfeld).

We are 60% of the population, of whom many who give a damn about how we look, what works for our curves, and which designers cater to us.

We are women who love to look beautiful, feel special, and desire to have options.

What we are not- is a fad. A trend. A useless or quicky forgotten niche whose dollars mean nothing to.

You see, we are women who, despite what society attempts to push down our throats, who want to be embraced- no longer outcasts, defined by degradations or class, but respected and represented by women who LOOK like us!

So how do we ensure that we are not the fad or trend that many op-ed pieces define us to be?

We speak up, show up, and show out!

Support your local fashion designer, plus size boutique, magazine, blog, website, that embraces you! Educate yourself of the options you have readily now, at your fingertips and SHOW the fashion big Whigs just how much we actually care!

If not, then this progress we have made, the movement that has begun, will be in vain and the only ones we can point the finger at, will be ourselves.

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