Plus Size Vintage Delights

Shopping for vintage is always a treat when you score an impeccably cut and fashionably on style rare finds for your curves!

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon the blog for the site, LA Vintage! This Los Angeles based vintage shop boasts a nice online array of plus size treats!  After fashioning boutiques throughout LA, LA Vintage decided to bring their finds directly to you! Each week, “LA Vintage selects fresh stock of exquisite vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories, and makes them available online at company direct prices.”

LA Vintage recently launched their plus size line and they have some really chic finds!

Plus Size Vintage Launch at LA Vintage

Plus Size Vintage Launch at LA Vintage

“This launch is essentially aimed towards offering the finest designs to women who desire a vintage wardrobe, but often feel disappointed during their quest to find that perfect fitting, which appreciates their curves and brings out the best in their personalities.”

To shop the latest in Plus Size Vintage, visit LA Vintage now!

However, if you have never been vintage shopping, do not fret!  The same tips that apply to straight sized shoppers apply to the Curvy Fashionistas as well! Over on, they fashion a list of 8 tips for shopping vintage!

Ignore sizes:

Sizes are not consistent throughout every decade. You may have heard that size 6 Marilyn Monroe would be a 10 or 12 by today’s standards. Since the sizes on labels of vintage clothes have no correlation to the sizes of today’s clothing, it is important to try things on or measure them before purchasing.

Dress in layers:

Dressing in layers makes it easier and faster to try on clothing. Wearing a leotard or leggings and tank top under a skirt makes it possible to try on clothes even if there is no fitting room. This comes in especially handy at flea markets and garage sales.

Go larger:

Finding vintage clothes that fit you perfectly is not always possible, but if you find something you like and it is too big for you, it may not be a lost cause. Larger sizes can usually be taken in and tailored easily depending on the fragility of the garment and its construction. Smaller sizes however rarely have enough extra in the seam allowance to make it larger.

(To read the rest of these tips, please visit’s Vintage Shopping Tips)

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