A Head Start on the Resolutions

With the new year upon us, moving forward often times causes us to look back and where we have come from and where we want to go.  For me, this is no exception.

When I first started The Curvy fashionista (a year ago this month), I had no idea the changes, growth, and dreams that would be birthed from this blog.  I started with a declaration of my curves, and now find myself continuing to declare them, but with a more pointed perspective! Losing my main job on Friday the 13th of March only allowed me the space and the place to move forward with my dreams, and delve into my lifelong passion- Marie Denee.

This road has not been a smooth one, albeit it has been a rewarding one! Never would I imagine that I would have the chance to share with you my insights, opinions, knowledge and experience- and that you would enjoy it!

As the foundation for The Curvy Fashionista and Marie Denee have been poured, venturing into next year only offers me the chance to expand upon my knowledge and ambitions to bring forth many new things into the new year!

So what does that mean for The Curvy Fashionista? I have fashioned my New Year’s Resolution List a bit early, as I am busting at the seams with passion to help take plus size fashion to the next level!

Only bigger and better things!

My New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Make resolutions that I can attain and achieve!
  2. Continue to bring you the latest in plus size fashion, news, trends, and entertainment
  3. Deliver more styling options, how- to, and tips to put your best curve forward
  4. Interview major movers and shakers within the plus community
  5. Expand the awareness and beauty of PLUS SIZE women within the Bay Area
  6. Bring more awareness to my new online boutique, Marie Denee
  7. Take Marie Denee to the next level
  8. MY FAVORITE—–> I will now be offering my image consulting and wardrobe services- Officially!
  9. Prepare to be the best auntie EVER!!! For my soon to be nephew- Noah Elijah
  10. Eat more healthily – coffee for breakfast is not a good look
  11. Don’t stress things I cannot change
  12. Stay motivated and encouraged
  13. Get an amazing accountant and assistant
  14. Stay organized!!! (right now its an organized mess)
  15. Keep smiling

With all that has transpired with The Curvy Fashionista, I am very grateful and extremely humbled to be here!

I would love to know, have you started your Resolutions? Which is going to be the biggest and most rewarding resolution for you???

Be safe over the New Year!

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