The Business of Plus Size Fashion

Recently, I launched my eponymous plus size boutique Marie Denee, last week actually! Opening my boutique was actually my dream before blogging, but I found blogging, as The Curvy Fashionista, a way to interact and see just what was out there! What an amazing journey and trip this has been in such a short amount of time!

While we (plus size) have been quite popular throughout the summer and into the Fall with the latest appearances in Fashion Week, Glamour, and now Marie Claire, plus size itself is evolving- fashionably.

You see, while many retailers and stores are downsizing and shifting their lines into nothingness, there are more designers who are stepping up to the plate to provide and fashionably fulfill the long dreary void of “Designer” plus size fashion. While we have ways to go, understand that the availability and access of plus size fashion has increased for the discerning plus size size woman.

This is where Marie Denee comes in. As a blogger, I sniffed, scooped, prodded, and unearthed the latest in plus size fashion from wherever my internet searches and local perusing would take me. This allowed me the platform of unique fashions of quality and style to fester in a single retail location- all while gift wrapping it in an editorial presentation for the discerning curvy diva in all of us.

At Marie Denee, the latest, fiercest, and most unique is showcased to offer today’s fashion forward, curvy, confident, and chic plus size woman, a sanctuary where she can confidently shop the latest designer fashions in her size, without sacrificing her desires for premium, fashion forward, and impeccably fit options.

You see, plus size fashion is not shrinking, trending, and becoming less available- plus size fashion is growing, evolving and at Marie Denee, we will feature lifestyle apparel and accessories, sourced from all over the globe by designers who see fashion beyond a size 12.

I share this with you to let you know, I hear you, I listen, and if at any time you have a call out, let me know! I will do my best to consistently and continually bring you the latest in plus size fashion, with a tude!

Keeping you Curvy.Confident.Chic.

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