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Marie Denee at the California Women’s Conference

On a personal note:

I have been blessed to attend the California Women’s Conference, taking place this year in Long Beach, California, October 26th and 27th!

If you do not know already, asides from blogging, I have recently launched my online boutique, Marie Denee, as a contemporary, fresh, and edgy destination for designer plus size fashion- all to empower and instill confidence for the Curvy.Confident.Chic. plus size fashionista or aspiring one!

The powers that be, over at Opportunity Fund took to the message and mission, and are sending me down to Long Beach to be a voice for the emerging women-owned small business! I am so humbled, so nervous, so geeked, so blessed for this phenomenal platform to share, with whomever sashays past my booth, what fabulousness can be had in YOUR size!

As a recipient of a small business loan from Opportunity Fund for my newly launched boutique, Marie Denee, I was chosen, along with seven other women- owned small businesses, to showcase our businesses as part of Maria Shriver’s initiative: WE Invest!

WE Invest is only one of the six initiatives headed by California’s First Lady, Maria Shriver. We Invest, more specifically is designed to:

WE Invest in women to become more financially independent by investing in the whole woman and linking them to business training, mentoring, microloans and a support network that can help them start or expand their own business. We encourage women from our community to join The Women’s Conference lending team to extend microloans to other women through our groundbreaking partnership with

Why is this such a HUGE DEAL???

The Women’s Conference organization seeks to directly empower women 365 days a year. Under the leadership of Maria Shriver and the guidance of our Board of Directors, The Women’s Conference has formed partnerships with established and respected organizations in the U.S. and abroad to develop ongoing and far-reaching women’s empowerment programs.

So! If you read my blog, and are either going to be in the Long Beach Area or already attending the event, please make sure you stop by my booth to say hey!!!!

Please visit the site, the California Women’s Conference, for more information about the events, the speakers, and the WE programs!

If you aren’t following me already on twitter, do so now, so that you can follow my tweets live from the event!

I am so HAPPY!!!

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